the 2020 Focused & Fabulous Scholarship Luncheon

We hope you will join us virtually as we honor one of our favorite people, Arrelia Callins!

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Now more than ever, your support for Focused & Fabluous is vital. Although much of our state and country is shut down, Maranathan Academy continues its work to help students - whether providing the necessary tools for distance learning or ensuring they have healthy meals during these challenging times.

We are so grateful for your help which enables us to continue to reach our primary goal -- to break the cycle of government dependency that has plagued critically at-risk youth and their families for generations. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to save the lives of critically at-risk youth through the transformative power of education. Your support provides tuition, uniforms, meals, and the assistance necessary for us to open up the opportunities of the world to our students so they may, in turn, become productive contributing members of society.


Maranathan Academy offers the small class size and close, personalized attention that critically at-risk youth and adults need and deserve. Since inception, our students and their families have greatly benefited from the unique services we offer, which include both middle school and high school curricula. By getting back on course, most have either re-entered traditional school with the tools they need for success or earned their diploma at Maranathan. Our programs prepare them for college, trade school, or to serve our country by joining the military.

Students enter Maranathan wounded and looking for a place to belong.

They emerge equipped to excel, and become productive, contributing members of society.

The impact of Maranathan doesn’t stop with its student body. The families of our students also benefit from counseling services, workshops on financial literacy, life skills training, and more. With the combined numbers of students and their family members who received our services, Maranathan Academy has significantly impacted over 1,500 lives.

  • 85 percent of our students complete high school and earn diplomas.
  • 53 percent of our graduates enter colleges and universities.
  • The remaining 47 percent of our graduates enter the military or become certified in a trade and gainfully employed.

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